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How To Care For Your Jewellery?

Jewellery Care

We hope you are loving your RNJ jewellery. To help you make sure that your jewellery stays rocking, we have put together some useful tips as a guide to help you keep your jewellery sparkling. This guide will help you with any jewellery you have, so take note!

Tip 1: Did you know looking after your jewellery starts in the morning? Perfumes and chemicals can deteriorate jewellery after a period of time. We suggest you use your perfumes and sprays, wait a few moments for them to settle and then put your jewellery on.

Tip 2:
Always remember to remove your jewellery when working out. Sweat can have the same effect as chemicals which can end up tarnishing your jewellery. This is also for health and safety reasons!

Tip 3: Clean your jewellery after every few months. We recommend using a microfibre cloth or one that is made specifically for jewellery. NO to any cleaning products or chemicals for gold plated jewellery. For silver jewellery, you can use a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Always BE GENTLE! We highly recommend removing your jewellery whilst washing your hands.

Pro-tip; It is worth getting into the habit of cleaning your jewellery after wearing it. This might sound time-consuming but germs hang on to metals so cleaning them on a regular basis will keep your jewellery looking beautiful.

Tip 4: Storing your jewellery. This is more important than you think. We recommend not mixing silver and gold plated jewellery as they can tarnish each other if stored together for a long time. Don’t worry about mixing them for the day, it won’t cause any harm!

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