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How To Style Bracelets?

How To Style: Bracelets

Bracelets are the perfect way to emphasize your style from chic day outs to elegant evening wear. Whatever the occasion there is a perfect bracelet for it.

Our bracelets do just that! You will find flawless bracelets relevant for any occasion.

Here are some tips and inspiration on how to Rock your Jewels.

Keeping It Single

Wearing a single bracelet is a perfect finish to any outfit which can be used over several outfits. Single bracelets are great for minimalist looks. We recommend using single-chain bracelets and pairing it up with a matching (or similar) ring on the same hand.
The minimalist look can also be an elegant accessory for evening wear. We recommend using a sparkling diamond bracelet.

For Those Who Want More

Stack them up! Stacking bracelets are a flawless way to create your own look. You can mix and matchmaking all your outfits unique every single time!

Below are some tips and inspiration on how you can use your RNJ bracelets for stacking!


When selecting your bracelets make sure they have a unifying trait. This will be one thing all the bracelets have in common for example, common metal, colour scheme, or a certain bracelet type. 


A small stack is usually 2 - 3 bracelets that can easily upscale your outfit. For an evening outfit, we would recommend that you select one bracelet that will become a focal point. Larger stacks are usually 4 - 6 bracelets which are powerful for completing an enhancing a basic outfit.

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