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How To Style Rings?

How To Style: Rings

Too many rings and not enough fingers? Here is a guide on how you can use your rings from chic, bold to minimal. This guide will help style your rings for any occasion.

For the brave - Mix it up!

Mixing metals work great together. Our recommendation is to mix silver and gold as they work beautifully together as well as complimenting your skin.

Layer it up!

Layering rings on the same finger is a trendy look that never dies down. Our favourite is stacking varied widths and textures.
Make it personal!

Names, initials, or numbers that mean something to you is always a great way to make your styles personal. Stacking them on one finger or across your fingers are both great, try each style and see what suits you best.

Statement finger

Your statement finger can be any finger you like. This finger will be the one that stands out from the rest. We recommend using the statement finger to bold rings like chunky rings, symbolic or floral. This is a great way to finish off your whole look.

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